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upon deployment at your object, our personnel will expect you to introduce them to the people responsible in your business and preferably to any other subcontractors or service-providers as to ensure a collegial and professional relationship that will aid all involved to achieve the best experience
our people don’t work for schoonzoon as it were, they work for you. schoonzoon finds the best free-lancers/self employed craftspeople to do the job responsible by taking ownership over their work they will make decisions with the contact at your business without having to relay back to us
Cleaners at schoonzoon are responsible adults that work autonomous. as these self-employed professionals are doing this as a career you may find their hourly rate to be higher, yet their efficiency to be such that the quality is higher and the total price is lower


communicatie, afspraken, duidelijk, nederlands, engels, terugkoppelen, feedback, altijd bereikbaar, partner, collega
terugkoppelen, feedback, schoonmaak, facilitaire dienstverlening
other subcontractors

a janitor with schoonzoon has usually been working alongside plenty of other people, sometimes even with the ‘traditional’ competition, yet security and technical services or installation companies
most of the time need to communicate a fair bit, just to ensure the offered price will suffice and to prevent obstructions or significant delays

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your people

your people are instrumental in achieving high results, as everyone is different, so do some people have  more needs or expectations of their workplace, taking care of the well-being of your crew is what cleaning is all about, often this entails something different for different people
customer satisfaction for your personnel, clients and partners

a professional yet informal relationship that allows for the use of social media or Whatsapp to improve upon the quality and the interaction of day at work
typical for Dutch people is their classless and open culture we expect our clients and specialists to act and treat one another as peers

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